Live rules

Live is responsible for organizing tournament and league ,or an organization on it's on.

The tournament and the league will take place at the time that will be posted on the Live website the address .

The Live management reserves all rights relating to the administration , organization, tournament supervision, and the rights of broadcasting the games played in the tournament and leagues, and have the right to change these Terms from time to time as it seems  appropriate and at its own consideration . If there will be any change of rules then the management will update the participants  that bean affected from those changes .

Behavioral Etiquette

All participants obligated to abide the laws, and to play in a sporting spirit and fair manner. Abusive language or blunt language of any kind to a participant or management representative is strictly prohibited.

In the incident of a player's inappropriate behavior , the management will take action against him as described below, based on the severity of the action and its discretion

 Warning - The participating team will continue the games, but will register a warning..1

 2.Second warning - a more severe type of warning. This is a last warning before taking disciplinary action.

3.Pre-exclusion - The team will lose regardless of the actual game result, and will suffer the consequences of the loss -Example: Eliminated from the league.

4.Exclusion - The group is immediately removed. All future games will be canceled and her participation officially canceled.

Being late

In the incident of a group being late for a scheduled game, an extension of 15 minutes will be given from the start of the original game, and a delay warning will be written for the team. If an extension is passed and the other team does not appear, the opposing team will receive a technical victory.

consecutive delays = 2 points taken off 3

not coming to the game = technical loss + 1 point taken off.

Game Results

Each team captain must send the game results in discord or email given at the beginning of the season to the participants / the participating team must take a screenshot of the game in order to provide the game results.

A tournament / league referee will indicate in the report the outcome of the match, in case one of the players has committed a violation of the rules , the referee can determine a technical loss for that team.


League process


The league will start on November 8, (first round) and will have 8 weeks + two weeks playoffs.

At the beginning of the league, the management will decides whether to divide the league into two houses of Europe and United States or to make only 1 house  (regular league).

Teams must organize and plan their league game according to the game schedule. When you can play from Tuesday every week until Sunday. If the teams have not reached an agreement for the match date, the league management will automatically determine the date.

Before the league management intervenes, the teams must try to help each other to set a time that suits everyone.

Scoring method and rules

Please enter at least 5 minutes before the match time , to provide the league management time to create the host team.

If there are any bugs that affect the game course , you can replay the game with the approval of the league management.

if one of the players do not appear the team receives a technical loss

Victory = 2 points - loss = 0 points.

The game:

 But must play all the 3 games for stats. -  The best of 3 games

for example:

game 1:  1:5  ,game 2:  5:2 ,game 3: 5: 0 = 2:1 for the home team




Some games will be broadcast during the season on our YouTube channel.