Rules for participation in leagues and tournaments

-introduction -

This document constitutes the rules of participation and official rules of all LIVE leagues and tournaments (hereinafter: the "Early" or "Tournament" or "League"), organized by LIVE or members of the LIVE team or body (hereinafter: "LIVE", " Tournament Management and Leagues "," Organizers ").

The mere registration and participation in the Tournament constitutes full and irrevocable agreement to all terms and laws set forth in these Terms and Conditions. If a tournament participant is found to be in violation of one or more of these Terms and Conditions in the sole discretion and understanding of the organizers, they may take disciplinary action against the Participant, and may even cancel or cancel the tournament. The policy is drafted in the male language for convenience only, and is intended for all genders.


The organizer of the tournaments and leagues is LIVE or its members only.

The tournaments and leagues will be held at the set times and hours and posted on the LIVE website at

LIVE management reserves all rights relating to the management, organization and supervision of the tournament, including the broadcasting rights of the games played in the tournament and leagues, and reserves the right to change this policy from time to time as it deems fit and at its sole discretion. As changes in these by-laws after the start of the tournament and the leagues begin, management will strive to update all affected participants as soon as possible.

-Participation in leagues and tournaments-

Anyone wishing to participate in tournaments and leagues may do so under the following conditions:

1. The participant alias is not offensive.

2. Only recorded once.

3. Any player who wishes to register will only register through the LIVE site in the region designated for tournament and league registration.

4. By registering for the tournament / league the player confirms that photos and videos taken during the league / tournament will be posted on the LIVE website, social networks and where the LIVE management chooses to PR.

5. Participation in leagues and tournaments is only 13 years of age or older.

Participation of players in the tournament / league requires the approval of the tournament / league management - insofar as no registration is granted, the participant will not be considered as a registrant. You can view the list of approved players for participation on the LIVE site.

-behavior rules-

All participants in the Tournament / Leagues undertake to abide by the provisions of these By-Laws, and to act in a sporting and fair spirit. Insult or blatant language of any kind against a participant or representative on the Executive is strictly prohibited.

In the event of player misconduct, the Executive shall act disciplinarily against him as described below, based on the severity of the act and its discretion.

1. Yellow - The participant will continue his or her games, but will sign a warning.

2. Orange - a more severe type of warning. This is a last warning before taking disciplinary action.

3. Red - The player will lose regardless of the actual outcome of the game, and will suffer the consequences of losing - losing home, losing, etc.

4. Exclusion - The player is immediately removed. All his future games will be canceled and his participation canceled.


In the event of a player being late for a game according to the schedule, an extension of up to 15 minutes will be given from the start of the original game, and a late player will be Have technical loss

-Results of the game-

Each team must take a screenshot of the result and send in a discord at the designated location

A Tournament / League Referee will indicate in the referee's report the outcome of the match, if one of the players has committed an offense, the Referee may make a technical loss to that player.


In a certain situation, the instructions of the manager and not the instructions of the regulations must be followed. The laws will be enforced on the basis of sportsmanship and fair play, rather than on land installation.

If there is a disagreement between one of the players and the league / tournament staff, the team member's interpretation determines. If necessary, the player can appeal the team's decision in writing to the league and tournament management.

Tournament: The tournament will end when only one participant is left, and all other participants will be eliminated from the tournament (no more games left). In other cases, the tournament administration may decide.

League: The league ends at the end of the last cycle and the playoff final if there is only one winner. In the case of a particular offense, the league management may disqualify a game / team.

League management may incorporate players from overseas.

In group leagues if a player does not find a spouse, the player may register as an individual and the league management will team him up for a free team.

In each league / tournament if there are enough players / teams at some level the same players / teams will play in the league / tournament at the same level.